Woman Victimized with “Pull a Pig” Prank.

A devastated woman spent £350 on a 400-mile trip to meet a lover – only to find out she was the victim of a cruel “pull a pig” prank.

Sophie Stevenson, 24, met 21-year-old Jesse Mateman while on holiday in Barcelona in August.

After staying in touch she flew out to see him in his home town of Amsterdam.

The bar supervisor said she believed she was involved in a “proper romance” after pair slept together during the summer trip.

However he failed to turn up when she arrived at the airport and, hours later when she got to her hotel, she received a heartless text message.

Mateman wrote to her: “You were pigged” with two pig images and a laughing face emoji. He added: “It was all a joke.

The heartbroken young woman said: “Pulling a pig is where a guy tries to pull the fat, ugly girl. I felt sick.”

She said: “I was so upset I changed my flights and headed home the next morning.”

After the story emerged on the internet Jesse Mateman became a target of hatred on the internet.

People on social media were quick to label him a ‘coward’, ‘a fucking twat’ and ‘a bellend’; but he insists that he’s the victim and the whole story is ‘fully invented’.

Speaking to Dutch newspaper Metro: “I do not know that whole game and nobody in my area. I’m just being broken here. After that [online] piece, my parents, my sister and I [have been] threatened. It’s a witch hunt. ”

However Jesse has another version of how it all went down: “I never had a romance with her. I’ve been in the hotel room with her, but I never sleep. We were not in love, as suggested.

“The messages contained in those tabloids are either made by Sophie or by the newspapers, because I did not send them.”

I wonder who’s telling the truth… it sounds like Jesse Mateman is full of bullshit but then again I probably wouldn’t tell anyone let alone the internet that I was pigged.

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