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10 Uber Drivers Reveal Their Most WTF Experience

10.I Want To Throw Another $500 Your Way If You Let Me…

While I’ve had a few crazy rides my buddy’s takes the cake. Around 1 am on a Saturday he gets a ping that’s at 200% surge near the bars. He picked up a well-dressed man who’s sober and once he’s in the car he asked to be taken to the casino. He was picked up in Dallas and the casino is in Oklahoma. Feeling bad he warned the guy, ‘Are you sure, that’s a 70-mile trip and you’re on 200% surge.’ Guy says it’s fine and he’s happy my buddy is getting paid.

They enjoy a nice trip and have some normal talk and once they get to the casino my buddy ended the ride netting himself $300. The guy then realizes he doesn’t have a ride home so he makes a deal with my friend. ‘Look, I’m gonna go gamble for a few hours. If I give you $250 now, will you wait and when I come back I’ll give you another $250 for waiting and another $500 for the trip back?’ Buddy agrees and takes a nap until guy is done.

Guy comes back and gives him the cash and they head back home. During the small talk the guy says, ‘Look you’ve been great and seem like a stand-up guy. I want to throw another $500 your way if you let me give you a BJ.’ This dude wanted to pay my friend 500 just to do that! When you ask him what happened next he just laughs and says, ‘Well rent was due and if the worst way to make $500 bucks is pretending a chick is doing it then it’s not so bad.


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