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Twitter just realized what the division symbol means, and minds are actually blown

This makes so much sense.

It all started when Abdul Dremali dropped this major piece of wisdom on the Twitter timeline: the division sign is actually a blank fraction.


You mean those dots aren’t just dots — they’re holding the places of actual numbers?

For those of us who just blindly accepted the division symbol’s existence without question, this information is shaking us to our very cores. Why didn’t we learn this in school? What other symbols have we been oblivious to this entire time??

Twitter collectively freaked out over this enlightening knowledge, and no one quite knew what to do with themselves.


I can only imagine what might actually happened if any of us bothered to go back and review some of the lessons we learned in grade school, or stopped to question the existence of certain conventions.

Until then, we’ll just have to rely on Twitter for our major revelations about life, love and basic arithmetic.

Ashley Young

Written by Ashley Young


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