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Thrifty College Students

Sleeping in cramped dorms, eating ramen noodles, shopping at thrift stores — college years are a time for being frugal because, well, let’s face it — you’re probably broke and saving all your money for booze!

Here are some students that cheaply solved their problems!

1. When you hate doing the dishes.

2. This college student couldn’t afford cups and glasses. They made it work.

3. No trash can? No problem.

4. They apparently didn’t know that the shower curtain hooks didn’t come with the shower curtain.

5. They “fixed” the shower.

6. Sweeping the floor: college edition.

7. Why don’t college kids own a proper pot?

8. You work with what you got.

9. These college kids were going to make the most out of being trapped indoors from a blizzard.

10. No one will suspect a thing.

11. “Went to visit my son in college. This is his porch furniture.”

12. Wait, what happened to the couch in the first place?!

13. I don’t even want to know where that came from.

14. When cans are 5 or 10 cents a piece to return, that adds up!

15. When you don’t have a microwave, you have to get resourceful.

16. Let me guess, engineering major?

17. College ingenuity at its finest.

18. Milk is expensive, okay?

19. They didn’t have candles, so…

20. Pretty amazing actually.

21. That’s actually pretty clever.

22. From a distance, you can’t even tell!

23. Lost the handle part. A replacement is way too expensive.

24. Seems safe.

25. Dorm room hot tub. They better hope that holds.

26. This is their fire alarm. Pretty sure this doesn’t meet code.

Barney Stinson

Written by Barney Stinson


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