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Annual Pre-Weekend Desert Music Festival Party

#PWDMFP is the annual pregame for Coachella. Every year the boys at 1852 S Bentley Ave throws down one of my favorite parties in LA. With no doubt they always get the partied decked out with sponsors and good people. This year Stillhouse and Zirkova kept the alcohol flowing all day and night. Although we had a run in with the cops midday we were able to keep the party going in there epic basement.

I’ll let the photos tell the story…

Cracking the Stillhouse open
Bottles for everyone
Zirkova came through with the Vodka
DJCJ checking out the cool containers
The cops came… but Yasha somehow saved the day.
So we moved the party to the basement
With the GOSHFATHER on the decks. 

See you guys again next year! P.S. The rest of the pictures are up on the facebook page. Please remember to like the page 😛


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