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North Korea Will Surrender Its Nukes Under One Condition

Despite conducting its sixth nuclear weapons test last month, North Korea says it’s willing to give up its nuclear weapons, if and only if the United States does the same.

The negotiations are in a stalemate, as Kim’s regime will only come to the table when they have a nuclear deterrent against America, while President Trump’s administration will take the military option if things go too far. North Korea is adamant on creating a weapon that will reach the East coast of the United States.

Senior North Korean diplomat to the United Nations Kim In Ryong expressed, “Unless the hostile policy and nuclear threat of the United States is thoroughly eradicated, we will never put our nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets on the negotiating table under any circumstances.”

While President Donald Trump has agreed he’d like to de-nuke the world, he promises that the U.S. will be the most powerful country on the planet, refusing to let any other country be a threat.

North Korea’s weaponry has soared across Japan’s skies. Only nine percent of Japan’s population is in favor of having nuclear weapons, while the rest opt for peace. However, because of the escalating threat and war of words, both the United States and North Korea continue to display their weapons.

Do you think we should get rid of our nuclear weapons?

Daniella Soloway

Written by Daniella Soloway


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