Nigerian Bread Seller Photobombs a Pop Star and Ends Up with a Modeling Contract

Many people fantasize about being “discovered” in the street, even though it’s highly unlikely to happen. For a Nigerian woman selling bread on the street, however, the nearly-impossible moment of “discovery” became a reality. It’s been a whirlwind experience ever since, changing her life forever. Seemingly overnight, she went from being a bread seller to a professional model.

The amazing story starts with a photo shoot featuring English musician Tinie Tempah and photographer/singer Ty Bello. Tempah had traveled to his parents’ home country of Nigeria and had Bello shoot some of his stylish portraits. During the photo session, a local bread seller accidentally walked into the shot, and Bello was immediately mesmerized by the woman. “She just happened to be walking by while I photographed,” Bello later wrote on her Instagram. “It happened so fast. She definitely SHOULD be a model.” The photographer also said she’d be happy to help the bread seller build a portfolio–the only problem is that she had no idea who the bread seller was. So, Bello appealed to the Internet for their help in tracking this woman down.

Photo By: Ty Bello

The original photograph that went viral:

With the assistance of local Instagram followers, Bello eventually found the woman, whose name is Olajumoke Orisaguna. The two ended up working together, just as Bello intended. She photographed Orisaguna for the Nigerian publication This Day Style, featured alongside her 14-month-old daughter, Grace. Orisaguna displays such poise in her pictures that you’d think she had been modeling for a long time.

Orisaguna, discovered:

photo by: tinie tempah

The photos were a hit, and Orisaguna has since become a sensation in Nigeria. Best of all, her storybook tale doesn’t end with Bello: on Monday, local modeling agency Few Models Management stated that they had signed her to their talent.

Photo By: Ty Bello
Photo By: Ty Bello
Photo By: Ty Bello

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