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How to get into the hottest clubs in Hollywood

There are many ways to get into the hottest clubs in Los Angeles. First and foremost make sure to look good and dress nice.

How guys get in:

  1. Buy Bottle Service – A bottles starts at around $500, but most clubs have $1500 minimum. You can typically get about 3 guys in per bottle. Girls are not part of the head count so you can bring as many.
  2. Grease the bouncer – It depends on the club, it can range from $20 to $100 per guy to get in. Sometimes it’s cheaper if you do multiple guys at once.
  3. Befriend a Promoter – Promoters are responsible for bringing in as many girls as possible, they would rather not ruin the ratio by bringing a guy along. You can make it easier for them if you bring along 2 or more girls, this way you can help with the ratio. A big plus with getting in this way is that you get free drinks, since the promoters get a free table and bottles to host the girls.
  4. Befriend the DJ – DJ’s have an easier time bringing guys in, the managers are more lenient with their ratio count. They also get the same treatment as the promoters with the free booze.
  5. Do a late Dinner at the club – Some clubs are restaurants before they transition into a club. If you’re there early enough typically before 10:30pm, you can either go in for food or drinks and just stay until they transition.

How Girls get in:

  1. Look cute – The better looking you are the easier it for you to get in through the door.
  2. Befriend a Promoter – As long as you’re cute, promoters are more than happy to get you in the club. Most promoters get paid for doing so. The biggest benefit is that you get in right away and have a designated table to go to. Here are a few of the promoters instagrams, slide into their DM’s to get on the guestlist. @sir_fuj @DJCJ @Goshfather @dopedougie
  3. Befriend the DJ – DJ’s can bring you along some of the hottest events.

Extra tips – If you’re a dude, try not to go with too many dudes unless you’re willing to cough up the dough for bottle service. The less dudes, the easier it is to get in.

If you’re a girl, make sure to hit up your favorite promoter early on the night. This way you can meet up with their group before going in the club. They typically meet up around 10:30pm and go in the club around 11pm.


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