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British students are shocked that Americans have to share dorm rooms

In fact, kids over in Great Britain have a real cushy deal, only sharing a communal kitchen and some times getting their own bathrooms. Because, you know, we’re human beings.

People from across the pond are freaking out about this, and I honestly have to side with the UK here — this is next-level savagery
It’s right up there with having no household kettle (which is also an uncomfortably-weird truth in the US).

Here’s what the UK people think of the situation so far.

Here’s what a typical dorm room setup.

Some people stack the beds to make some extra room.

Some of the dorm rooms even have three beds/people in it.

Some America students make the best of it though and completely transform their dorm room.

From this…

To this

Here’s how UK dorms look like.

And the pay a lot less than Americans…

But some Americans tried to explain it’s not all bad…


Ashley Young

Written by Ashley Young


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