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    Dan Bilzerian Settling Down With Someone 16 Year Old Younger

    The “King of Instagram” known for spending his life surrounded by bikini clad models, luxury cars and for claiming he once slept with 17 girls in a week.

    But now millionaire poker player Dan Bilzerian has revealed he is in his first ever monogamous relationship with a stunning model who is 16 years younger than him, The Sun reports.

    The 37-year-old has confirmed he is dating Sofia Bevarly and told Square Mile magazine: “Yeah. Got a girlfriend. First time. Well, I had a girlfriend before, but I was still fucking other girls.”

    The new couple met at a marquee pool party but admits it wasn’t exactly the fairytale love-at-first-sight meeting.

    He said: “I think I fucked like three girls before her that day. We just started hanging out … She’s a little different, you know? She’s smart, she’s cool, and she liked a lot of the shit I like. So here we are.”

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    North Korea Will Surrender Its Nukes Under One Condition

    Despite conducting its sixth nuclear weapons test last month, North Korea says it’s willing to give up its nuclear weapons, if and only if the United States does the same.

    The negotiations are in a stalemate, as Kim’s regime will only come to the table when they have a nuclear deterrent against America, while President Trump’s administration will take the military option if things go too far. North Korea is adamant on creating a weapon that will reach the East coast of the United States.

    Senior North Korean diplomat to the United Nations Kim In Ryong expressed, “Unless the hostile policy and nuclear threat of the United States is thoroughly eradicated, we will never put our nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets on the negotiating table under any circumstances.”

    While President Donald Trump has agreed he’d like to de-nuke the world, he promises that the U.S. will be the most powerful country on the planet, refusing to let any other country be a threat.

    North Korea’s weaponry has soared across Japan’s skies. Only nine percent of Japan’s population is in favor of having nuclear weapons, while the rest opt for peace. However, because of the escalating threat and war of words, both the United States and North Korea continue to display their weapons.

    Do you think we should get rid of our nuclear weapons?

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    22 Double Standards In Our Society That You’re Probably Guilty Of

    Double Standards: Mathematically speaking, the obnoxious idea that it’s OK for 56 to insult 82, but it’s NOT OK for 82 to insult 56. Of course, 56 and 82 can be replaced with many different races, religions, etc. A lot of us would like to think that we don’t practice any double standards but I think you’ll quickly realize that you do after viewing some of this illustrations.






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    10 Uber Drivers Reveal Their Most WTF Experience

    1. When it’s 2 am, just go home.

    A dude made me quit Uber three weeks into the job.

    At 1 am, I picked him up in a group of wasted college kids. We get to our destination, everybody gets out except him. Everyone asks him where he lives, but no answer.

    Turns out he lived only 2 miles away, so I agreed to drive him for free as I had already ended the ride.

    He lived in this posh neighborhood. I helped him out and got him to the front of his house. He could barely stand. I am helping him across the lawn and suddenly he starts yelling in a drunk voice, “Who are you and what are you doing on my father’s property?”

    It was 2 am in the South. I am an immigrant, and it could have easily looked like I was wrestling this teenager. I dropped him and sprinted away like Usain Bolt, got into my car, and gassed away.

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    3D Printed Guns – Would Laws Even Matter?

    3D printing has become widely popular since its invention by Chuck Hull in 1986 . What makes this technological machine unique, is that you can essentially print any object in different types of materials. The list of possibilities for 3D printing is seemingly endless with companies finding new ways to create a multitude of objects, including 3D guns.

    3D guns deem to be one of the most controversial 3D printed items that are currently on the market. As new, affordable 3D printing capabilities come available in 2017, some argue that this can become a sinister time for 3D printing technology.

    Although 3d gun printing is old news, here’s a little reminder of how it all started: Cody Wilson, a then 25-year-old University of Texas law student created the world’s first 3D gun and successfully fired it. Because of this accomplishment, he teamed up with his co-founded, non-profit organization, Defense Distributed to further develop 3D gun designs and publish them for public use. A known 100,000 files of his pistol, called the “Liberator,” were downloaded in a span of only two days.

    Back in 2012, Wired named Cody Wilson as one out of the 15 most dangerous people in the world. He was also the first to start promoting a platform for anyone in the world to see blueprints of how to create a 3D one-shot pistol, at any time. Because these guns were printed in plastic, this became highly accessible–– and not to mention–– easy to create for anyone who owned a 3D printer.

    The plastic 3D guns were shortly banned because the undetected firearms act outlawed guns that could be untraced by metal detectors.

    Now let’s jump back to 2017 where a new breakthrough in the 3D printing industry is taking place.
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    50+ Backstage Photos – Style Fashion Week

    The first night of Style Fashion Week Los Angeles did not disappoint, as guests were immersed in a mesmerizing night of fashion, art and music. With the Pacific Design Center, as the backdrop to the shows, the night opened with a performance by LEAF. The performance lead into a collection featuring the super nova designs of Adriana Sahar. Space age met bohemian street wear as models walked the runway donning fur, bold colors and metallic latex fabrics.

    Following Sahar was Merlin Castell, whose cutting-edge designs shook the stage. Inspired by the StarWars Saga, specifically the Last Jedi, Castell’s collection painted the runway in liquid rose pinks and shimmering blacks. Ending the first set of shows was a ­­­­never-before-seen collection by Andre Emery, who opened the collection with a performance by Julian Brooks and Syd B.

    Here are some of the backstage action that our photographer captured.

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    Amazon Studios Suspends Chief Executive Following Sexual Assault Allegations

    The head executive of Amazon Studios, Roy Price, has been suspended following claims of sexual harassment. Isa Dick Hackett, the Hollywood producer working on the very popular series “The Man in the High Castle,” alleged that Price made unwanted sexual advances at her two years ago following San Diego’s Comic-Con.

    The allegations surfaced publicly in August in an article published on the tech news website The Information. Although Hackett didn’t initially want to provide details of the encounter to the masses, she felt inspired by the many women who have been speaking out against Harvey Weinstein with their own personal stories of sexual assault and harassment.

    Mr. Price has been with Amazon since 2004 and has held the executive position for three years. Albert Cheng, Amazon’s COO, is stepping in as interim head of the Studios during Mr. Price’s suspension.

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    Does Lebron James Own His Tattoos?

    It seems obvious to say that if ink is on your body, it’s yours. However, tattoo ownership is a tricky subject. In 2016, tattoo copyright law was brought to light because of a lawsuit against NBA 2K, the basketball game by Take Two Interactive Software. The case? Solid Oak Sketches was suing the Take Two because the game showed Lebron James’ avatar with his tattoos.

    Vice caught up with Jeremy S. Goldman, a copyright, privacy and entertainment lawyer based in L.A., to better understand the issues and who owns tattoo art after it has been inked.

    Here are the highlights of the conversation:

    • Copyright – it exists when there’s an original work of art in its original medium. Copyright separates the right to the art itself from the physical output of an artist. It protects the right to commercialize the art by anyone who isn’t the artist.

    • Goldman believes that tattoo artists who ink anyone’s skin are granted a “broad implied license” – meaning, the person will obviously appear in public with the tattoo, but the question arises when the tattoo appears outside of the person’s body, as is the case with NBA 2K.

    • NBA 2K case: Solid Oak Sketches, a single individual went to tattoo artists who inked athletes and got them to sign over the rights to him. Now, he is suing Take Two Interactive Software for the unlicensed use of their body art in their avatars.

    • Take Two is trying to dismiss the case on two grounds – 1. It’s such a small part of the game (legally referred to as de minimis) and 2. It’s fair use

    It’s still a murky and unclear situation. The suggestion to athletes and those in the spotlight is to have the tattoo artist to sign a paper waiving rights to the tattoo to avoid this kind of mess. In fact, that’s what the NFL’s Players Association advised its players when EA was sued for having Ricky Williams on the cover of multiple games with his tattoos.

    In the digital age and with the rise of personal branding as a business, the laws are being more clearly distinguished as time passes.

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    FEMA Won’t Distribute Food and Water in Puerto Rico

    Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico about three weeks ago causing death, devastation and immense destruction to the island and people. The Rachel Maddow Show visited Puerto Rico and reports that less than 60 percent of American citizens there have clean water and 85 percent are still without electricity.

    According to the show and its producers, FEMA officials said that it’s not their jobs to deliver food and water. They say there are there to help people to fill out paperwork to apply for federal aid, and that it’s the mayor’s job to deliver food and water. But, the town of Aibonito still does not have any federal aid.

    FEMA has visited Aibonito, a town an hour and half from the capital, three times so far, and still expects the mayor to distribute supplies, even though there is no fuel or working phones. While reports have said roads are blocked, the Maddow show and its producers were able to navigate the roads without trouble.

    The agency told Maddow, “Relief supplies are being delivered to regional staging areas, and mayors are largely responsible for arranging pickup and distribution.”

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    20-Year Old Takes Selfies with Catcallers to Put them on Blast

    20-year-old Noa Jansma has taken the matter of being catcalled into her own hands, literally. By flipping the switch on the observer and observed in catcalling situations, the student from Amsterdam spent an entire month taking selfies of the men who would call out to her on the streets.

    Before taking the selfies, Noa would receive their permission, and they seemed all too inclined to be photographed behind her as she looked into the lens with a stern face.

    The pictures can be seen on her Instagram account, @dearcatcallers. Noa says that the account is a project to showcase the discomfort of being catcalled because it is not a compliment.

    She’s changing the power dynamics in the situation. She explains, “Both the objectification and the object are assembled in one composition. Myself, as the object, standing in front of the catcallers represents the reversed power ratio which is caused by this project.”

    At the end of her month-long call for awareness, she has decided to pass the Instagram account on to other girls from different parts of the world.

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    The Best Way to Board an Airplane; It’s Not the Current Method

    Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you’ve felt the painful process of boarding airplanes. Airlines generally board in zones, utilizing the back-to- front method, but according to an episode of Mythbusters, there’s a much more efficient and user-friendly way to get everyone ready for takeoff.

    In the episode, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman used an empty hangar and built an airplane interior with 173 seats, using real overhead luggage compartments and cabin crew to simulate the process. Passengers joined the experiment, and 5% of them were even instructed to be “problematic” by sitting in the wrong seat, going “upstream,” etc.

    Then, the group tried various methods of boarding, including the current back-to-front style. Each method was evaluated on both time and passengers’ rating of the experience. It’s no shocker that the back-to- front method was the slowest, taking 24 minutes and 29 seconds. Customer satisfaction was only 19 out of a total possible 173.

    So, what method proved to be the best? The Reverse Pyramid – which is like WILMA (window-middle-aisle), but in sections. This means that passengers start at the back of the plane and take the window seats, and as those fill, the window seats are filled closer to the front of the plane. In a domino effect, the middle and then aisle seats are taken, moving from back-to-front.

    The Reverse Pyramid method earned a 113 satisfaction score and only took 15
    minutes and 10 seconds.

    Check out the episode

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    Michael Jordan Creates Health Clinics with $7M Donation

    With his largest philanthropic gift of $7 million, Michael Jordan is funding two health
    clinics in underserved communities in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    The retired NBA superstar and billionaire owner of the Charlotte Hornets is creating
    Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Clinics. Projected to open in 2020 and serve
    35,000 adults and children currently without access to primary care, the clinics are
    focused on helping densely poverty-stricken areas in the city.

    In a statement, Jordan said that he hopes the clinics “will help provide a brighter and
    healthier future for the children and families they serve.”

    Given the intersection of sports and politics, athletes have been increasingly in the
    spotlight regarding social and political issues. Jordan has recently donated to other
    organizations, including $5 million to Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-
    American History and Culture, as well as $1 million to each the Institute for Community-
    Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

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